Mährenhorn with L.

Wednesday night, while planning what I was going ski on Thursday, I got a call from L. She was the person who took me skiing for the first time, and a lot of what I know about how to be in the mountains I learned from her. Needless to say, I was super psyched to ski with L. It's always fun and uncomplicated. We took off from Spiez around 6:30, and started walking from Guttannen around 7:45. I had a bit of trouble with my skins on the steep and icy path through the forest, and felt my legs from the all the bouldering I've been doing, but once we got in a rhythm and popped out above the tree line I was able to enjoy the incredible weather and scenery. We had a nice break by a lake, and were on the summit of the Mährenhorn at 11:45, making about 475 vertical meters an hour. Fantastic spring conditions followed us the whole way back down to the village, where we had a spontaneous chat with a local woman. She told us about how things have changed there since the 70s, and about the underground railway that leads from Guttannen up into the Grimselpass, guaranteeting access to the waterworks even when snow conditions close roads. On the way home we stopped for a Döner in Meiringen. Pure Bliss. Thanks L!

The Ritzlihören
Above the trees
Summit View