Oschinensee Fullmoon Snowshoe hike with Sara

Sara and I have finally found a way to enjoy the snow together: moonlight. It's a special atmosphere - and I'm really looking forward to doing more tours this way. No people, no noise, no stress - everything is a bit harder to see, but clearer in a way. For the February full moon, Sara and I took the train out to Kandersteg and walked up to the Oschinensee with snowshoes. It wasn't quite the ideal get-away - I didn't realize the marked skitour route was actually a prepared slope, and we were a bit disappointed by the noise and light of the snowmachines. But after about 30 minutes, we found a way through the woods instead, and slowly made our way up to the incredible cirque around the lake. Despite all the tourist infrastructure, there the place had a magic in the moonlight. Next time we'll try something a bit farther a field - but this tour was definitely worth doing. Especially together.

Moon bright like the sun