Fuxenstein and the Boulder World Cup 2019

Sara and I have been psyched for the past year to see the Boulder World Cup live here in Meiringen. Although the venue is not optimal for the live audience, it's hard to pass up a chance to see the pros do their thing - it's really a different world from what we are capable of!

We needed a bit of climbing to get psyched for the show, but all the areas nearby were wet from the recent rain and snow. However, the Fuxenstein, and glacier transported erratic boulder near to Spiez gets lots of sun and was sure to be (mostly) dry. We had a beautiful, relaxing day. I was able to send the sit start to Appat du Grain (7A+) on my first try (the stand went years ago) and began working on Couche du Soleil (7C+). It felt astoundingly reasonable for such a high grade. Sara made progress on Appat du Grain - it has a hefty shoulder lock-off that definitely falls in the "anti-style" range for her. She was able to crush that move and now just has to figure out the reachy top.