A rainy week in Fontainebleau

Sara and I really wanted to head to Fontainebleau with the team from Crux this spring, but I've got a course that week, so we decided to take a Saturday to Thursday excursion in early March. After 3 weeks of the best weather imaginable, we managed to get lots and lots of rain. After a short first evening in Rocher Cailleau, which was only 2 minutes away from our gite, we spent a day failing on old and new projects in Rocher Canon. The next three days rained, but we managed to get a few parcour boulders in each evening. I also managed to get sick. Can't wait to return fit and dry!

Lévitation 7A, Rocher Canon
Cul de Chien
View from the gite
Evening Parcour
Tricky trick red
Les Copains d'Abord 7A, Rocher Canon